Profit From The Electricity Produced By Your Renewable Technology.

Profit From The Electricity Produced By Your Renewable TechnologyDid you know you could be making money from the electricity generated by your renewable technology installation?

If you have installed, or are thinking about installing, a renewable technology, which produces electricity, such as a Solar Electricity (PV) system, you may be able to receive payment for the electricity produced.

The most common way to do this, is to sign up to a buy back scheme with an energy supplier. There are two main tariffs available to do this:

Export tariffs: You are only paid for the electricity that is exported back to the electricity network.
Generation tariffs: You are paid for all of the electricity that your system has generated, even if you use it in your own home.

There are also some Set Price Tariffs available, where the energy supplier, based on the type or capacity of your installation, pays you a fixed amount.

You can also use the Energy Saving Trust’s ‘buy back tariff search tool’, to help you find the right tariff more easily.

Using this tool will allow you to see details of all the tariffs currently being offered by the energy suppliers.

Advice regarding choosing the right tariff is available on the website:


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