Buildstore’s Accelerator Mortgage Helps Self-Builders

Buildstore’s Accelerator Mortgage Helps Self-Builders BuildStore is the UK’s leading specialist at the heart of the self build and renovation market, with a bespoke end-to-end offering of products and services, specifically designed to help self builders and renovators throughout their projects.

The Company is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its exclusive Accelerator mortgage, the first mortgage to offer advance stage payments for self-builders.

Before the pioneering Accelerator was developed, mainstream mortgage lenders would only release funds in arrears for self-builders, despite the substantial upfront cost involved in building a house.

The award-winning Accelerator mortgage, releases funds (up to 95%) in advance for land purchase and at the beginning of each stage of the build process, thus allowing positive cash flow.

This exclusive concept allowed many self-builders to get their projects off the ground, without the need to sell their existing homes to release equity, and ten years on, BuildStore is still the only provider of this type of mortgage for self-builders, and renovators.

Mortgages are sold direct to the public and via intermediaries and BuildStore currently arranges over £500 million in mortgages each year.

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