Britain’s ‘Chaps’ Too House Proud To Party

 Britain’s ‘Chaps’ Too House Proud To Party Step aside Hyacinth Bucket. Turning stereotypes on their head, research reveals that 18-24 year olds are turning into a nation of CHAPS…that’s Cautious Hosts Against Party Stress.

Twenty-six per cent of the house-proud and overly cautious young hosts, make guests remove their shoes to safeguard their floors, almost double that of those aged 65+ (14%) who may have been expected to be the most mishap-minded.

The survey of 2,014 adults from Greenbee Home Insurance (part of the John Lewis Partnership) finds almost a quarter (23%) of 18-24 year olds, don’t like entertaining at home, for fear of potential party accidents – almost three times more than those aged 65+, with just 8% worrying about damage, and more than double 55-64 year olds (10%).

Across the UK it appears people don’t trust their friends not to damage their property, with 14% on average saying they don’t like hosting parties at home, as they fear something will get damaged or broken if they do.

Almost one in five (19%) is so keen to keep their houses spic-and-span, they’ll ensure guests remain shoe-less, to avoid muddy carpets or high-heels scuffing their wooden floors.

However the seeming paranoia around home dramas may well be justified, as 14% reveal they’re more worried about household accidents or breakages than ever before, as in the current economic climate they can’t afford to replace any damaged items – rising to one in five (20%) of 45-54 year olds and 17% of women (compared to 11% of men).

With just 23% of those surveyed believing they’re covered for any home accidents through insurance (yet only 13% of products on the market offer this cover as standard) and industry data revealing a significant increase in related claims this year, it’s clear that the financial implications of a potential sofa spillage, or kitchen calamity should be kept in mind.

James Furse, managing director, said, “While those without cover are understandably concerned about the cost of an unfortunate accident while entertaining, even those with home insurance may want to consider checking their policy small print, to make sure they’re covered for all eventualities.”
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