The Rika Como Stove Can Be Lit Remotely With Your Phone

COMO Remote Controlled Stove]You wouldn’t expect wood burning stoves to become the latest high tech device for home use…

However, the Euroheat’s Rika stoves now feature the most up-to-date remote control equipment that can be activated with a mobile phone.

While heating the home using wood has been shown to be an energy efficient and cost effective choice, Rika stoves now provide you with even more control over temperature and heating times, as they are self-fuelling and self-lighting!

So if you intend going home sooner than expected, you can turn the stove on with your mobile phone and return to a warmed house.

Rika stoves are available in various sizes and styles that are sure to provide a welcoming focal point to any room.

Featured here is Rika’s Como wood pellet burning stove, priced from £4,665.

  • This stove is attractively styled and very efficient in operation.
  • The Como not only offers a whole host of control options, but also has a noiseless pellet feed system.
  • There is a wide selection of colours available too, to ensure that the Como blends into any fashionable setting.

Key Features:

  • Pellet hopper holds 34kg.
  • Time clock or manual control.
  • Further control options include, mobile phone control and room thermostat.
  • Ultra silent pellet feed system.
  • Choice of ceramic, steel, or thermostone sides.
  • Original combustion technology.
  • Sealed pellet hopper
  • Dureable cast iron combustion chamber.
  • Ash pan.
  • Digital control panel.

For further information and to see the extensive range of Euroheat’s Rika stoves, visit the website.

For stockists Tel: Euroheat on   (01885) 491100

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