Ludlow Stoves New Range of Italian Woodburning Cookers.

The de Manincor Domino 8 Wood Cooker Stove

Ludlow Stoves who specialise in Italian wood burning cookers, stoves and boilers, have just teamed up with the de Manincor, an Italian company celebrated for excellent craftsmanship, to offer a striking range of colourful contemporary wood burning

It is now recognised that wood is a convenient and renewable source of energy that provides low-cost heating systems – optimising combustion, means maximizing energy output, while minimizing pollution!

The de Manicor’s latest contribution on the wood-burning stove is the Domino, presenting clean-cut lines and a contemporary look.

  • The Domino Domino 8 wood cooker stove is perfect as a cooking range, but works just as well as a high performance stove.
  • It has a wide firebox running across the top, which gives a cheerful widescreen view of the flames.
  • Long logs (up to 600mm long) can be loaded right across the firebox, resulting in less cutting and splitting when you prepare your fire wood.
  • The door frame of the firebox and oven are solid stainless steel and the body of the stove is available in a choice of five vibrant colours – red, blue, yellow, black and white.
  • This range cooker stove with a nominal output of 10 KW. makes it ideal for the medium to large kitchen.

The De Manincor Domino 8 wood cooker stove can also be combined with a matching Domino Gas cooker, in a choice of two types.

  • Both have an eight function, electric oven with fan assisted and static options.
  • The Domino 7 gas cooker has four gas rings whilst
  • the Domino 9 has an extra large burner – ideal for a quick stir-fry.

The combination skilfully provides the best of both worlds, a wood cooker stove to cook on in winter and a gas stove for summer use and all combined in a striking single unit.

Matching extraction hoods are available and these finish off the installation very well.

Each cooker is bespoke to your own combination of stove, selection of colour and handle, so that you have total control of the finished unit.
Ludlow Stoves offers a full installation service.

Domino 8 £ 3,576.
Domino 8 & gas combination £5,996.
Domino 6 & gas combination £ 5,756.
To view the complete collection of Ludlow Stoves’ woodburning cookers, please visit the website.

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