Protect Your Home Against Frost With A Dimpex Coldwatcher

As the UK continues to be affected with snow and frost in the current bout of cold weather, it’s a good idea to check the protection of your pipes in garages and lofts.

The Dimplex Coldwatcher versatile heater, tested and approved to the British Standard for frost protection, makes it the perfect solution for protecting these problem areas from damp and frost.

This durable and compact heater ensures frost protection, or low level localised heat, nearly anywhere in the home, including greenhouses and sheds providing real peace of mind. It can also protect motor homes and caravans from damp.

The Dimplex Coldwatcher is made of durable steel and can be wall mounted either vertically or horizontally, or freestanding.

It is splash-proof enabling you to water your greenhouse plants with ease, and also has an adjustable thermostat to give complete control and energy savings.

Coldwatcher can help by stopping pipes freezing, thus preventing a burst, or a boiler failure as a result of frozen pipes, which can prove to be both time consuming and expensive.

Additional benefits include:

  • Mineral filled element with 1000W or 500W output.
  • Hard wearing powder coat finish in white with birch grey trim.
  • Comes with a fitted plug and 1.8 metre cable.
  • Safety Cutout for safety and peace of mind.
  • Three-year guarantee. Priced from around £62.00.

For further information on the Dimplex Coldwatcher multi-use heater, go to the website.

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