Picture Perfect Radiator – Valor Hydroflame

 Picture Perfect Radiator - Valor Hydroflame Hydroflame™ is the new word in designer radiators – the best of two worlds with all the benefits of a radiator and an electric inset fire, combined to create a cost effective, highly efficient real fire effect feature.

It used to be said that there was nothing like a real fire – there is now. The vast majority of modern homes have a central heating system, which uses panel radiators, but although these provide efficient heat emission, most fail to satisfy the homeowner’s desire for a feature point in main living rooms.

The Hydroflame can do both; with a standard electric inset fire and a fan convector combined; it incorporates Valor Dimension cutting edge technology, to create a ‘real fire effect’.

  • Like a radiator, Hydroflame works off the wet central heating system, while its flame effect can be run independently to give its comforting glow year round. It can also be used to provide localised electric heat in unseasonable cold spells.
  • Hot water from the central heating system flows through the Hydroflame’s heat exchanger, which transfers heat to aluminium fins.
  • Cooler air is drawn in at floor level, passes over the heat exchanger and then is expelled gently back into the room, providing a more even room temperature, while heating the room in less time than a traditional radiator.
  • Hydroflame products use only 5% of the water content of an equivalent output radiator, saving energy – in fact, independent tests* have shown that fan convectors consume 25% less energy than radiators.
  • Hydroflame requires a connection to a wet central heating system and an electrical connection to run the flame effect and the fan convector, but no direct gas supply, making it one of the most versatile room heating options on the market.

Benefits for all.
Hydroflame is an excellent choice; it is easy to operate, with rocker switches, which are ideal for the elderly and infirm; and ultra safe, with no naked flames or hot surfaces to harm small children.

In addition, the Hydroflame features a boost element, which in the event of a boiler failure, overrides the central heating system and makes use of the electric connection to provide a heat source to the home.

The Dream Dimension fire front is a classic fire design available in a range of finishes; Chrome, Black, Gold to suit any living space

Priced around £524.10 incl VAT.
* Independent tests carried out by BSRIA

For further information, please visit the Valor website.

Tel:  (0844) 871 1565.

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