New eTRV Controls Central Heating Costs

 New eTRV Controls Central Heating Costs With gas and oil prices in the UK continuing to increase significantly, homeowners are eager to control the cost of central heating by saving energy.

This key issue is being addressed by heating control specialists Chalmor Ltd with their new eTRV – an innovative, British-made thermostatic electronic radiator valve that can potentially save on gas or oil central heating costs, typically by between 15% and 25%.

This clever invention makes it simple for the central heating radiators in every room to be individually and easily operated by using the eTRV’s neat, slim remote controlled handset.

This multiple award winning energy-saving product is now available for use in homes and in commercial and public buildings in the UK:

Existing thermostatic radiator valves can easily be replaced by eTRV at home by simply unscrewing and replacing with eTRV.

However, if thermostatic radiator valves are not already fitted then eTRV needs to be fitted professionally.

Each radiator can be controlled not only individually, but also in an exceedingly flexible way:

  • For example, in the home, the bathroom could be heated throughout the day – to a comfortable temperature in the morning, a low temperature in the day and an economy temperature in the evening.
  • Similarly a sitting room could be heated just on weekday evenings, but all afternoon and evening at weekends.
  • Fitting the eTRV also removes the need for older or less able people to bend down, as using the remote control handset they can now adjust their warmth levels from the comfort of their armchair.
  • The eTRV is also compatible with home automation systems.

An additional cost saving factor on eTRV is the reduction of VAT from 20% down to 5% if supplied and fitted by a registered tradesman, such as a VAT-registered plumber or heating engineer.

Retail price of the eTRV is £49.99+VAT and the handset costs £9.99+VAT.

For more information and advice about the Chalmon eTRV, please visit the website.

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