Free Up Kitchen Space Taken By Radiators

Kitchen Plinth Heaters

Good news for homeowners wishing to create extra space in their kitchens for additional units…

Kitchen Heaters, which has more than 20 years’ heating industry experience, is introducing two new, British-made heaters – one electric, one plumbed – that can easily be installed into the plinth of a kitchen unit.

The electric unit features selectable heat settings at 1 or 2kw and a fan only setting. Finished with a white grille it can be easily connected to and run from a 230 – 240v electrical supply. Priced a £55 + VAT & carriage.

The plumbed unit, which is highly energy efficient, features selectable heat settings at 1.1kW or 1.6kW, based on a mean water temperature of 80°C and a room temperature of 20°C.
The unit switches on and off automatically when the sensor detects hot or cold water. Also finished with a white grille, it connects easily into central heating pipe work (two–pipe central heating systems only). Priced at £80 + VAT & carriage.

Both units are supplied direct from Kitchen Heaters online, with installation instructions and a one year parts warranty. Next day delivery is available on orders placed before noon.

For further information on the Kitchen Heaters’ new British made kitchen heaters, please visit the website.

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