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The Hi Lo Radiator From Quinn Gives 25% More Heat

The Hi Lo Radiator

Introducing Quinn’s Hi Lo range of really efficient panel central heating radiators that generate 25% more heat than comparable models.

Quinn’s Compact Round Top radiators incorporate modern technology, which maximises heat output using water efficiently for less cost.

A radiator that uses less boiler energy plus less water at a low temperature provides a more competent heating system overall.

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The Rika Como Stove Can Be Lit Remotely With Your Phone

COMO Remote Controlled Stove]

You wouldn’t expect wood burning stoves to become the latest high tech device for home use…

However, the Euroheat’s Rika stoves now feature the most up-to-date remote control equipment that can be activated with a mobile phone.

While heating the home using wood has been shown to be an energy efficient and cost effective choice, Rika stoves now provide you with even more control over temperature and heating times, as they are self-fuelling and self-lighting!

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Protect Your Home Against Frost With A Dimpex Coldwatcher

As the UK continues to be affected with snow and frost in the current bout of cold weather, it’s a good idea to check the protection of your pipes in garages and lofts.

The Dimplex Coldwatcher versatile heater, tested and approved to the British Standard for frost protection, makes it the perfect solution for protecting these problem areas from damp and frost.

This durable and compact heater ensures frost protection, or low level localised heat, nearly anywhere in the home, including greenhouses and sheds providing real peace of mind. It can also protect motor homes and caravans from damp.

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Innovative Home Energy Saving Products From Greenstamp

Costs for and gas and electricity have risen to an all time high and weather forecasters predict extremely cold winter conditions ahead.

However, now you can reduce heating bills this winter, using products from eco friendly specialists www.greenstamp.co.uk, to enable you to stay cosy and warm without breaking the bank.

The Heatkeeper Radiator Panels are designed to increase the heat coming from your radiators and operate by reflecting the heat from the rear of the radiator back into the room.

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Glass Radiator Company’s Striking New Designs For It’s grc Theme ® Range.

The Glass Radiator Company renowned for their novel printed image and coloured glass radiators, have now added several remarkable new designs to the grc Theme ® collection of non-glass radiators.

The grc Theme range is manufactured to the same demanding criteria as their glass radiators and offers numerous elite styles, such as dual fuel, plumbed in and electric heating choices.

There is a selection of really practical designs that are sure to make a unique statement.

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Introducing Lymaw Radiators; Specialists In Contemporary Bespoke Radiators.

Lymaw Radiators have specialised in making copper and stainless steel radiators in the UK for 15 years; they pride themselves in creating innovative stylish, contemporary bespoke radiators at reasonable prices.

The radiators are manufactured to the highest quality for astute commercial and private customers.

Lymaw Radiators offer a choice of over 2000 different designs, all of which, are made to their clients’ precise requirements in respect of BTU heat output and size.

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The eVolution 4 And 7 Wood-Burning Stoves From Ludlow

Ludlow Stoves have announced eVolution 4 and eVolution 7 wood-burning stoves that represent an important development for manufacturer Broseley.

Ludlow Stoves believe that these new stoves are going to be a hugely popular with their customers.

Inset stoves offer a solution for exchanging an unproductive open fire into a cost-effective, competent wood-burning stove.

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Free Up Kitchen Space Taken By Radiators

Kitchen Plinth Heaters

Good news for homeowners wishing to create extra space in their kitchens for additional units…

Kitchen Heaters, which has more than 20 years’ heating industry experience, is introducing two new, British-made heaters – one electric, one plumbed – that can easily be installed into the plinth of a kitchen unit.

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Ludlow Stoves New Range of Italian Woodburning Cookers.

The de Manincor Domino 8 Wood Cooker Stove

Ludlow Stoves who specialise in Italian wood burning cookers, stoves and boilers, have just teamed up with the de Manincor, an Italian company celebrated for excellent craftsmanship, to offer a striking range of colourful contemporary wood burning

It is now recognised that wood is a convenient and renewable source of energy that provides low-cost heating systems – optimising combustion, means maximizing energy output, while minimizing pollution!

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Picture Perfect From The Glass Radiator Company

The grc RadArt ® Pontoon Radiator

The Glass Radiator Company specialize in creative glass heating solutions.

Their product range is design led and includes clear, coloured and mirrored glass radiator designs.

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