Greenstamp’s New Mini Heatkeeper Radiator Panels

 Greenstamp’s New Mini Heatkeeper Radiator Panels One of our biggest household expenditures during the winter months is central heating, and with increased prices, plus the threat of gas shortages, why not use radiator panels to get the most from your radiators, and even enable you to turn them down?

Radiator Panels fitted to the wall behind the radiator make use of the heat that conventional radiators waste, by reflecting the heat being radiated to the wall and bouncing it back into the room, which can save up to 20% off heating bills.

Heatkeeper Radiator Panels are quickly and easily fitted behind existing radiators – normally without removing them – giving instant results:

  • The panels are extremely flexible and can fit into gaps as narrow as 8mm: They come with full instructions and can be easily cut to size.
  • Heatkeeper radiator insulation panels are a simple and effective way of reducing heating costs by up to 20% and therefore cutting your carbon emission footprint, by improving the efficiency of your central heating.
  • The cost of installing Heatkeeper Radiator Panels in a typical home, can be recouped, in less than a year.

Heatkeeper panels are available in standard packs of:

  • 5 panels (2 to 3 radiators).
  • 10 panels (4 to 5 radiators).
  • 20 panels (for 8 to 10 radiators).
  • 30 panels (12 to 15 radiators).

The new Mini Panels from Greenstamp featured here, are ideal for smaller radiators, or even for a trial to prove they really do make a difference to the heat output from radiators. Priced at £9.99 per pack.

Heatkeeper radiator panels are available online from the Greenstamp website.

Greenstamp offers a comprehensive range of energy saving and eco friendly products online, please visit the website to view the ranges.

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