E.ON Offers £700 Off A New Condensing Boiler

E.ON Offers £700 Off A New Boiler To Help ConsumersE.ON, one of the UK’s largest power and gas companies, has reaffirmed its commitment to helping households reduce their gas bills, by offering £700 off a new boiler for a limited time only.*

For people over the age of 60, this amount could increase to £1,000.

The Energy Saving Trust has advised that replacing an older boiler with a new energy efficient condensing boiler, could save households around a third on their heating bills, which with full heating controls, could save UK households as much as £270 a year.

As well as the financial savings, energy efficient boilers also reduce household carbon dioxide emissions by up to 875kg a year.

In addition to immediate and ongoing savings on heating bills, replacing an old boiler can also add value to the home, making it easier to sell in a slow market, with research from the Energy Saving Trust showing that nearly 70% of Britons believe that energy efficiency is important when buying a home, and that over a third of home buyers would be put off buying a property with an outdated heating system.

David Topping, Head of Commercial Operations at E.ON UK Retail, said: “It’s a difficult time for many families in the UK and we want to do what we can to help with this. By providing £700 or more, off a new energy efficient boiler, we can reduce the initial expense and households can benefit from the immediate reduction in their heating bills.”

For further information, or to find out if this offer is available in your area, visit:

Web: http://www.eonenergy.com/heating

* Terms and conditions apply, available on request.  Subject to availability.(Offer ends on 15th September)

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