Baxi Ecogen Launched – Micro-CHP For The Home

 Baxi Ecogen Launched - Micro-CHP For The Home Baxi Ecogen is the first, commercially available micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) unit for the home.

“Baxi Ecogen heralds the most important step-change for the home heating industry since the condensing boiler” says Mark Kelly, Baxi Group’s CEO. “This is the first, wall-hung micro-CHP unit.

In addition to being available for private homes, it can be specified by local authorities, housing associations and private developers. It will help them meet Level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes; tackle fuel poverty issues more effectively and significantly cut carbon emissions. Baxi Ecogen is a unique, world-class technology for the 21st century home”.

  • The appliance’s Free Piston Stirling Engine (FPSE) generates up to 1kWh of electricity, whilst providing abundant supplies of space heating and hot water for the home.
  • The unit responds to an initial heat demand up to 6kW by igniting the engine gas burner. The heat causes the gas inside the FPSE to expand, moving a piston up and down between a copper coil. As a result, electricity is generated in a similar way to an alternator in a car.
  • If the heat demand moves above 6kW, Baxi Ecogen’s supplementary burner fires up to offer an additional 18kW of heat. As the heat demand in the home falls, the appliance’s controls can modulate operation down to 3kW, while still generating electricity to provide maximum energy efficiency.
  • Extensive field trials in over 400 UK homes have shown that Baxi Ecogen units can reliably satisfy up to two thirds of a typical household’s electrical requirements.

For all electricity generated, the householder will receive 10pkWh, using the recently announced Government Feed-In Tariffs (FIT) scheme, effective from April 2010. Any unused electricity can be exported back to the grid for which the householder will receive a further 3pkWh.

Using its many years’ experience as Europe’s premier heating equipment manufacturer, Baxi Group has designed the appliance to be a similar size to a conventional wall-hung domestic boiler. The unit is suitable for use on open vented and sealed systems, making it ideal for straightforward specification and installation within a wide variety of new-build and replacement projects.

Dedicated intelligent Baxi controls can be incorporated into the system, to enhance comfort, increase energy efficiency even further and ensure the unit is suitable for a broad range of property types and sizes.

For further information visit the Baxi Ecogen website.

Tel: (0844) 871 1525

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