Baxi’s New Range Of Intelligent Central Heating Boilers

 Baxi’s New Range Of Intelligent Central Heating BoilersThis year Baxi launched their latest range of combi and system boilers, which all come with the THINK combustion management system, the cutting edge in boiler technology.

The great new range includes:

The brand new Baxi Neta-tec Combi – compact dimensions make this the perfect choice for homes where space may be limited

The Baxi Duo-tec – with additional features that made this award-winning original so popular, increasing energy efficiency and reliability.

The Megaflo System Compact – now with cupboard fit; this boiler is compatible with the Baxi Solarflo solar thermal range, making it a great system boiler for the future.

The THINK Combustion Management System.

  • Gas adaptive control: continually monitors the air and gas coming in and adjusts to make sure the burner in your boiler is always working at maximum efficiency. This means you always get the heat you are paying for, for the lifetime of your boiler.
  • Wide modulation range: this means that your boiler works at 100% when you need the most heat, but as your home warms up, it turns itself right down so that the temperature you have set is maintained without the boiler switching itself on and off.
  • Less gas is used as a result and, consequently, lower fuel bills. It also means that your boiler doesn’t have to work so hard, so there’s less wear and tear on its parts, making it much more reliable.
  • Also, because you’re not using so much gas, your carbon footprint is smaller too!
  • Automatic set up: All the new Baxi boilers are suitable for both natural gas and LPG. When fitted by your installer , the boiler recognises the gas type and adapts itself accordingly, making it much easier and quicker to install.

The Benefits: Baxi boilers are now quicker to install, helping you to save more on your fuel bills.
Offer lifetime combustion efficiency and set a new benchmark in reliability.

For further information about Baxi’s latest central heating boilers, please visit the website.

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