Living It Up’s Novel Range Of Biofuel Fireplaces

 Living It Up’s Novel Range Of Biofuel Fireplaces  The delightful vision of an open fire never fails to generate a warmer and cosy atmosphere in the home, but what if you don’t have a flue or gas supply and refuse to spend thousands of pounds on installing them?

The novel new range of biofuel fireplaces from Living It Up, may provide a stylish solution that’s sure to bring excitement and warmth to any environment.

  • Living It Up’s ultra contemporary biofuel fireplaces can produce a striking feature for any room in the home:
  • These versatile and easily moved fires can also be used outside, adding a glamorous aura to patios and gardens.
  • Although it’s getting colder outside, if you have a versatile biofuel fire from Living It Up, you can drive out the chill and still relax outside on the patio.
  • You don’t need a flue or chimney and there is no installation cost. whatsoever, due to bioethanol, a renewable and green energy source, derived from the sugars of wheat and rape seed. Furthermore these fires produce no more carbon dioxide than when you exhale.

Living It Up has tried hard to provide a choice of contemporary designs to suit most modern households:

Within the range you’ll find some table-top flames designed to create a romantic atmosphere at dinner.

Some freestanding fires to warm your living room; and some terrific column fires to provide a focal point in your garden.

The fires are all constructed of top-quality materials: high-grade stainless steel, tempered glass and durable paint.

So, if you’re looking for a non-toxic, clean, friendly and suitable fireplace–not to mention incredible contemporary and smart designs–then Living it Up has the solution!

Mazama Freestanding: £398.99.
Bora Freestanding: £499.
Magma: £499.
Irazu Coffee Table: £449. (Featured here.)
Tambora: £369.
Blaise: £399.

To view the new Living It Up collection of biofuel fireplaces, please visit the website.

Tel: (0116) 269 5960

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