Everest Launches New Energy Business

 Everest Launches New Energy Business Everest, one of the UK’s leading home improvement companies, has launched a new business arm, Everest Energy.

The business will initially operate in the Meridian television region across the South of England prior to a national roll-out, and will focus exclusively on selling and installing boilers and central heating systems, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, which generate cheap green electricity from sunlight, and a selection of other energy efficiency products for the home.

Simon Jarman, Everest’s Managing Director, said: “Everest has been improving homes for many years with its energy efficient windows and we feel that the time is now right to move into energy generation.

As with its home improvements business, Everest Energy will only install the highest quality and most efficient products on the market. It will therefore only fit highly energy efficient ‘A’ rated boilers.

It is estimated that approximately 4 million homes in England are fitted with the least efficient types of boilers, which are potentially costing households hundreds of pounds annually in higher energy bills and are more harmful to the environment.

Everest’s Solar PV panels can save the average household up to 40%5 off a household’s electricity costs, meaning UK households could save up to £5 billion a year collectively – or £186.40 each – on their energy bills by having these panels installed.

In addition, in April 2010 the Government launched the Feed-in Tariff (‘FIT’) scheme, which means that energy suppliers have to make regular payments to householders and communities, who generate their own electricity from renewable or low carbon sources, such as Solar PV or wind turbines.

Homeowners with Solar PV panels can earn 41.3 pence for every kWh produced regardless of whether it is sent back into the grid, which could equate to £1,200 per year or over £30,000 over 25 years with a 2.88kWp system.

The full range of products available from Everest Energy includes:

  • High efficiency boilers; Passive heating monitoring; Solar PV panels;
  • Solar Thermal panels Loft insulation; Cavity wall insulation; Voltage optimisation.

Everest Energy will not be providing an emergency boiler repair service.

For further information on the Everest new energy products, please visit the website.

Tel: (0800) 008 7167

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