The New ALPHA Pro Pump Can Cut Your Energy Bills

The Alpha Pro Central Heating Pump from GrundfosGrundfos, the global leader in pump manufacture, has launched a new energy saving circulator pump, the ALPHA Pro, the first in the world to bear the European ‘A’ energy rating.

In every home heated by radiators there is a circulator pump that circulates the hot water. 

The smart ALPHA Pro energy-efficient central heating pump works by matching its speed to the actual requirements of your radiators, while older pumps found in most British homes, operate at a constant speed every day, irrespective of the amount of heat actually needed.

Therefore they use up to five times more energy than an electronically controlled pump that adjusts the speed to the actual heat requirements of the system.  This equates to an annual cost in an average UK house of approximately £57. 

Replacing your old central heating pump with the ALPHA Pro reduces your energy use by up to 80%, thus saving you money on your electricity bills, whilst protecting the environment.

An LED display on all Alpha Pro pumps displays the actual power consumption in watts, providing instant visual feedback to the user.

The annual electricity cost using the ALPHA Pro is approximately £12.

Total annual average saving is £45.

The Grundfos ALPHA Pro domestic circulator pump costs around £120 and can be purchased through UK local installers.

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