Get Ready For Spring With The Chelsea Gardener

Get Ready For Spring With The Chelsea Gardener As spring approaches gardening specialist The Chelsea Gardener offers advice on the must have tools, seeds and accessories for the season; bring your garden out of hibernation and prepare for the warmer weather (hopefully) with some product suggestions.

Whether splitting and moving your herbaceous plants, or pruning your summer flowering shrubs, you’ll need an array of hard working tools, all available from The Chelsea Gardener to get the job done:

Choose durable carbon steel and leather grip Secateurs (from £19.99) for taming plants, and Forks, trowels and Bulb Planters (from £14.00) for weeding and planting bulbs; Shears will come in handy for tidying up hedgerows (from £21.95).
Bring the lawn back to life by removing old grass and leaves with a rake (from £34.99).

Seeds and Bulbs
Spring is the time to start thinking about your kitchen garden; plant seeds in small containers and keep them in the greenhouse or indoors, until seedlings are strong enough to stand the outdoors and the soil has warmed up.

Herbs such as thyme and basil and vegetables including tomatoes and globe artichokes should be planted in March or April; Spring is a good time to plant new bulbs as gladioli and dahlias (Exclusive seeds and bulbs at The Chelsea Gardener, from 99p – £3.99).

Help defend your growing plants with Organic Pesticides (from £3.99) and add nourishment with Organic Seaweed Fertiliser (from £5.49)

For smaller gardens or to add variety, why not consider planting your seeds in pots:

The Chelsea Gardener offers a wide range including durable fibreglass and modern metal tubs, alongside more traditional terracotta and stone containers (Fibreclay container, from £24.47).

Once the weather turns milder, add interest to dark corners with lanterns. Opt for standing lanterns such as the India Lantern (from £79.95) or hang Sun Jars (from £20.00) from tree branches. Carry your tools around easily with a pretty Tool Bag (from £17.99).

For more inspiration visit The Chelsea Gardener’s new online shop:


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