The BigMow Robot Lawnmower

BigMow Robot Lawn Mower

If you have a large garden then springtime can be a mixed blessing – you can enjoy the garden, but the grass starts to need cutting again – and the job takes hours!

If you just can’t face another season of mowing the grass, then buying a robot lawnmower and putting your feet up would seem like the ideal solution – but until now, they’ve been designed for lawn areas of less than half an acre.

The BigMow is a robot lawn mower designed specially for the challenge of a large garden – and is suitable for lawns from half an acre up to five acres.

The BigMow uses five floating cutting heads to chop the grass into tiny particles which decompose quickly within the lawn, thus reducing the need for chemical fertilisers or a large compost heap of grass clippings.

BigMow is powered by re-chargeable batteries – and can work almost silently on your lawn all day (and night) if necessary – come rain or shine – returning to its charging station automatically when required, then setting off again two hours later to resume work. A perimeter wire, sonar and touch sensors keep the BigMow robot lawnmower out of trouble with flowerbeds, children, dogs and other hazards.

BigMow retails at £7,800.

tel: (01889) 271 503

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