Robot Lawnmowers – Your Questions Answered

BigMow Robot Lawn Mower

There’s more and more interest in robot lawn mowers as people come to appreciate the time they can save. But lets face it, a robot lawnmower is still a pretty unusual purchase – and you’re sure to have lots of questions.

Fortunately, the makers of BigMow have anticipated this – and have published a series of answers to common questions they get about the BigMow robot lawnmower:

Q: If there’s a power cut to the perimeter wire, does BigMow escape?

A: No, it’s set on security mode during unattended mowing, which means that it won’t move beyond the perimeter wire and will simply stop working.

Q: How does BigMow cope with mole hills?

A: Moles don’t like continuous movement above them, so it’s most unlikely you will see a mole hill when using a BigMow to cut grass. However, if there are any, they’re simply detected by the bumper and the machine steers round.

Q: Why are the tiny cuttings produced by BigMow so good for my lawn?

A: Because they will break down very quickly – returning nitrogen as a fertiliser to the soil and boosting grass health, strength and appearance. By contrast, the much larger residues from conventional mowers takes time to decompose, look unsightly and can cause pest and disease problems, as well as yellowing of the fresh growth beneath.

Q: What is the width of cut and working speed of BigMow?

A: 105 cm and one metre per second (2.2mph) on level, open ground.

Q: Will Big Mow operate in any conditions?

A: Pretty much so yes, even in the rain, although special heat sensors mean it will choose not to mow when temperatures fall below six degrees centigrade.

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