Grainstore’s Summerhouses On Traditional Staddle Stones

A summerhouse From Grainstore

The Grainstore Summerhouse.

Using an ancient technique of supporting wooden buildings on traditional staddle stones, Grainstore Summerhouses offer customers a stimulating combination of the early and the modern for their garden.

These striking eco-friendly wooden buildings present a wonderful and interesting structure that will add character to any garden.

  • They can be easily erected, even on undulating or sloping ground to some extent; being slightly raised, they give a completely new outlook on your garden.
  • The wooden buildings are entirely bespoke as well as both stylish and practical; the classic exterior incorporates a double-hipped roof with glazed French doors and windows as standard.
  • The weatherboard exterior is painted black to echo the ancient black pitch finish of medieval buildings, whilst the refined interior is done in cream.
  • This summerhouse is uniquely set off the ground, to ensure they are dry, weatherproof and stay pest free all year.

Grainstore Summerhouses offer an reasonably priced way to create a highly unusual additional room in the garden, whether as an office, a play area, or just a place to sit and relax and survey your garden from a completely different point of view.

The Company also offers a bespoke interior design service, so that your own inspired ideas can be accommodated.

The standard size summerhouse building (8’ x 6’), is available at the very affordable price of £5950. (Free installation is to be had within 75 miles of Salisbury, Wilts). Larger sizes and fully bespoke options are also available.

For further information and to view the unique Grainstore Summerhouses, please visit the website.
Tel: (01425) 658 179

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