Grow Your Own Seed Kits From The Seed Pantry

Hopefully, Spring is just around the corner, so it’s nearly time to begin planting seeds to cultivate your own delicious, vegetables, fresh herbs and salads.

The Seed Pantry has just introduced a new Chilli Seeds Starter Kit for children – to grow their own chillies at home, as well as a new Three Seasons Kit, for delivery in 3 boxes throughout the year.

The Children’s Seeds Starter Kit is just right for small green-fingers and includes a wonderful selection of seeds for children to take pleasure in growing at home. Price – £12.50.

  • The pack includes seeds for growing cress, pumpkins, sunflowers and sweet corn, as well as the necessary compost, pots, discs and labels required to get started.
  • While the cress can be sown at any time in the year, the other seeds should be set from March to June for the finest results.

This is a marvellous method for training children about nature and the way vegetables grow. For instance some of the assortment grow fast, while others take longer, consequently the children’s interest is sustained throughout the growing season.

The Chilli kit is great for chilli lovers and demonstrates how to grow 3 seed types of chilli pepper, including Navahos, Apaches and hot Habaneras.

  • It comprises all the equipment needed to grow 12 plants, including 14 rice husk pots, two small 6 cell propagators, 12 organic compost disks and a supply of markers for seedlings.
  • The seeds can be planted in pots from January to April and develop well inside or out, in protected sunny positions. Priced at £24.

The 3 Seasons Club Kit is supplied in three sets through the year and the Spring Kit provides seeds for growing your favourite summer vegetables, such as sweet peppers, carrots, mangetout and more…   Pots and compost discs are supplied in the kit, as well as coconut husk trays.

The Autumn box contains crisp winter greens such as rainbow chard, Pak choi, salad onions and lots more.

The Winter box is delivered from December to January containing seeds for spicy chillies. The packs contain all the kit you require to get started. Priced at £70.

All kits arrive in a smart Seed Pantry gift box and include easily followed instructions with illustrations and a handy pencil.

The kits are available to order online now, from The Seed Pantry website.

For further information about The Seed Pantry’s Grow Your Own Vegetables kits, visit the website.

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