Propagate & Protect Your Plants With A Greenhouse

The growing season is almost here and the benefits offered by adding a greenhouse to your garden are well worth considering, as it can help to provide high yields, as well as extending the gardening year.

You can start sowing seeds earlier and protect the plants from frost at both ends of the growing season.

A greenhouse can enable you to propagate your much-loved plants that need reliable temperature control and also ensure constant growth throughout the growing season, as well as providing for the over wintering of tender plants.

There are two fundamental choices of greenhouse form, either free standing, or a lean-to attached to a wall.

Primrose offers a wide variety of greenhouses at affordable prices, to help you find your own individual requirement.

Featured here is the Lacewing Walk-In Wide Growhouse.

  • Measuring 4’8″ x 4’8″, this roomy greenhouse is ideal for raising shoots and plants, whether you’re an absolute beginner or professional gardener.
  • This style of growhouse offers the ideal situation for growing healthy, strong plants, whilst protecting them from severe weather conditions.
  • The translucent PVC cover allows you to view your plants progressing and has an entrance panel that can be rolled up, providing ventilation and easy access. Priced at £49.95.

Primrose also presents various other products that would be useful with a Greenhouse such as, Grow Tunnels, Shelving and Water Butts.

The company also stocks one of the UK’s largest collections of awning and water features in the UK. They search world wide for manufacturers and suppliers who offer only top quality products.

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