Introducing The Garden Pod – A Rotating Sphere Lounger

The Farmers Cottage Rotating Sphere

The Farmers Cottage Rotating Sphere

The Garden Pod rotating sphere lounger is a new concept for sheltered seating and relaxation in the garden.

The rotating sphere lounger offers a unique environment for resting, dining, study or even a camping space, with the additional advantage of rotary motion, for positioning the door into the shade or sun, or away from an unpleasantly cold wind

The down to earth waterproof interior, perfectly blends with the rural outer timbers and includes a seat and a table, which is height adjustable.

When the seat and table are lowered together to the level of the seat, they can form a circle to make a bed, blissfully covered with a complete set of lush cushion pads 75mm thick.

The sphere lounger is made with laminated pine and has polycarbonate tinted, UV protected windows, which shelter the interior from the elements, whilst permitting uninterrupted panoramic views.

The stainless steel louvers, above and below every window, are mirror polished to reflect the environs and deflect heat, to keep the interior cool in summer.

The entire construction rotates on six chromium bearings that run on an iron track within a stainless steel circle, to ensure it continues to run smoothly.

Pictured here is the Farmer’s Cottage Rotating Sphere Lounger, priced at £7695. Dimensions: Height 2.4 x Diameter 2.4m. Base area Diameter1.3m.

There is a variety of rotating sphere models, sizes and prices available from John Lewis.

Important: A hard standing foundation is essential for the sphere to remain firmly in position.

This product is now available from John Lewis online and is only displayed in the Southampton, Reading and Strafford stores.

For more information and to see the selection of Garden pods stocked by John Lewis, visit the website.


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