Rococo Chocolates And The Gluttonous Gardener

Rococo Chocolates And The Gluttonous GardenerRococo Chocolates and The Gluttonous Gardener (Chantal and Ned, have been plotting and come up with some wonderful ideas for sumptuous gifts.

Rococo Chocolates is loved by people who appreciate good quality, real chocolate and who want to enjoy life’s little luxuries, while The Gluttonous Gardener has become well known for their imaginative range of gifts that combine high quality edibles and growables, all beautifully hand packed in wooden crates and delivered next day nationwide.

A Selection:

Rococo Rose Crate
Never promise them a rose garden, but perhaps more modestly opt for this crate of fragrant delights – a beautiful scented old fashioned pink shrub rose, ready to plant with a box of Rococo’s handmade organic milk chocolate Rose wafers.
RRP £48 + delivery.

Rococo Lavender Crate
A beautiful crate containing a healthy potted lavender plant, together with a box of Rococo’s delicious handmade organic dark chocolate Lavender wafers.

RRP £48 + delivery.

Rococo Vineyard
Anyone can own a vineyard with this crate. A red and white grapevine, selected to thrive in the English climate with full planting and care instructions, packed in a crate with a bag of delicious Rococo chocolate “Grapes” to munch whilst you plant. RRP £50 + delivery.

Rococo Italian Coffee break
Ignore the depressing exchange rate and transport yourself to Italy with this gorgeous crate, containing a healthy potted coffee plant, a bag of best Italian coffee and a wedge of mouth-watering soft coffee nougat.
RRP £50 + delivery.

The above are only available from –
Tel: (020) 7627 0800


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