New Summer Outdoor Candlelight Collection

 New Summer Outdoor Candlelight Collection Nordic House has selected the very best on offer from the land of the midnight sun, choosing limited-edition contemporary artefacts from well-known Danish designers, adding a stunning array of outdoor lighting, wall sconces, lanterns and hurricane lamps.

While the summer solstice is celebrated all over the world, it is particularly important in Nordic countries where, on the longest day, the sun dips below the horizon for only a short while and the sky never properly turns to night.

These long summer days and long dusky evenings are the time for contemplation, a time to recharge the batteries and relax outdoors.

The unique huge handmade outdoor candles, as feartured here, look wonderful bunched together as a mixed-height group. They come in black as well as white and there are six sizes in this outdoor only range. The largest candle is 50cm high and it will burn for 280 hours.

These superb large outdoor candles are hand made in Sweden and are for outdoor use only; they look absolutely stunning dotted around the garden or patio.

Colours: White or Black sizes from:

15x10cm burns approx. 60hrs weight: 1.5 kg – £10.00 – to

15x80cm burns approx. 450hrs weight: 12 kg – £66.50.

The Danish Designer Collection, speaks of natural textures of sculpted slate, stone and wood, as well as burnished and glowing metals used to create oil lamps for long term outdoor use.

All of the new lamps house a unique air system to ensure the proper burning of the oil wick, while a little purpose-made lid can be used to extinguish the flame safely and protect the wick from the elements, as these stunning lamps can be left outside all summer.

The complete new collections can be seen online at the Nordic House website They will be limited and constantly evolving as the season progresses.

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