The Innovative New ‘Heart Modular Sofa’ From Softline

Softline Sofas’ innovative new ‘Heart’ component sofa, is more than just a sofa. It enables you to build single seats, a sofa, or even a day bed.

It also enables you to put together lounge sofas of any required length, by joining the components to each other.

The backrest can be easily removed and assembled again horizontally, to provide you with maximum flexibility in arrangement.

It’s an ingeniously straightforward idea that has inspired the ‘Heart’ modular sofa.

The Heart adaptable seating system, lets you assemble single seats, or organize lounge sofas of any length by merging the parts to each other.

The Heart was designed by Philip Bro. RRP is £520 per seat.

You can also insert an acrylic tray to some of the units to give you a perfect position for your drinks. RRP – £56.00 per element.

Softline design

A passion for the joy of living and design and have been the company’s main inspiration, since it began creating designer furniture in 1979.

Since then, Softline has built-up an unique collection of stylish, multi purposeful furniture for contemporary homes and public environs, based on distinctive design and technical originality.

Visit the website, to view the extensive ranges of Softline modular sofas, or to find your nearest stockist.

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