New Zero Stress & Relax Studio At Furniture Village

 New Zero Stress & Relax Studio At Furniture Village Work-related stress is suffered by many people in the UK, due to the damaging effects caused by poor posture while sitting at a desk all day, which often results in exhaustion and even illness.

When sitting, strain on the spine’s vertical discs can be up to 90 per cent higher when compared to standing, so it’s essential to unwind in comfort on returning home.

In response to this widespread problem, Furniture Village has launched two new exciting departments, the Zerostress and Relax Studio.


  • The Zerostress recliner chair removes stress from the vertebral column, while supporting the neck, creating a totally new sitting experience.
  • Each product ensures maximum comfort and support for the spine. Using patented technology, Zerostress chairs not only recline effortlessly, but tilt smoothly and respond spontaneously to bodyweight movement.
  • The Zerostress range has a Superlastic interior foam that ensures lasting comfort as it warms and moulds to the body’s shape.

There are over 100 different leather and colour options to choose from and an enormous selection of models available offering a wide variety of functions and extras including head bolsters, side tables and adjustable footstools.
The in-store advisors at Furniture Village are trained to ensure your individual needs are met.

Relax Studio The St Lucia collection from the Relax Studio pictured here, perfectly blends contemporary style with pure relaxation:

  • Created using high quality leather and cushion fillings, every piece has a fully adjustable headrest, allowing you to choose between lower back support and high back head support.
  • St Lucia Modular Sofais priced from £1,599 and the St Lucia Chair £529.

For further information and to view the Furniture Village Zerostress collection, please visit the website.

Tel: (0800) 7833 833

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