How To Care For Your Sofa

The Teddington Sofa from Multiyork

Sarah Herbert, Marketing Director at Multiyork has lots of helpful hints to help you care for your sofa.

Her first tip is to Scotchguard your upholstery. Scotchguard acts as a waterproof protective seal that prevents spills from actually getting into the upholstery fibres.

If the worst happens and you do need to remove a spillage from your sofa, Sarah recommends that you always dab the stain rather than rub – a rubbing action can abrade the fabric surface and cause roughened or pilled patches on your upholstery.

If you have a young family, loose covers are ideal – if a piece starts to show the marks of everyday family use, you can simply remove the cover for dry cleaning or machine washing (depending on your fabric).

Each of Multiyork’s handmade fabric upholstery items (such as this Teddington sofa pictured above) comes with their unique tailored removable covers.

The Teddington Sofa costs £1449.

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