Couture Furniture’s Affordable Fine Bespoke Furniture

The Cinema Sofa 3

Introducing Couture Furniture, a British bespoke furniture maker, specializing in sideboards and cabinets, wardrobes, sofas, dining tables and kitchens, with professional attention to detail.

Each piece is made using a combination of traditional hand crafted techniques and the very latest machinery and technology.


The Couture Furniture company aims for precision and attention to detail, to ensure that the quality of the finished product is exceptional.

With years of experience and a superb eye for detail, Couture are experts at providing innovative and clever solutions for concealed storage, such as TV cabinets, kitchen areas, and office space.

Couture’s website gallery presents an impressive assortment of beautiful bespoke furniture projects, which perfectly represents their striking range.

Featured here is the Cinema Sofa 3.

  • This sofa was a key part of a cinema room for which a large TV cabinet was also created.
  • The shape follows the 3 walls opposite the TV wall, ensuring that many viewers can sit anywhere and be sure of a lounge seat with plenty of cushions to spare.
  • The customer chose the deep red velvet fabric and the seat pads have feather tops, the arms and frame are also generously padded. Priced at £7690 including fitting.

Couture excels at solutions for awkward or difficult spaces, offering smooth, aesthetically pleasing options that give a real sense of harmony.

Couture’s skilled cabinet-makers produce among the finest and very affordable bespoke pieces, with a clear focus on design, smooth lines and fit. An infinite number of finishing and colour options are available to customers. Installations are guaranteed for 5 years.

For further information and to view Couture Furniture’s stunning gallery of furnishing projects, please visit the website.

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