Nabru’s Design Your Own Sofas For Limited Spaces

Nabru are online specialists in self assembled sofas. So no matter the size of your home or family living room, they can supply a sofa to meet your requirements.

The company’s online design your own service, enables you to select nearly any blend of styles, fabrics, sizes and colours, so that you can adapt your new sofa to fit your living space precisely.

Often the ideal answer for a small room is a corner sofa that can squeeze into underused corners, to make good use of wasted space.

Armless versions of Nabru’s sofas are also available, to help you maximise the seating capacity.

Also, lots of their materials are on trend for spring 2013, such as their Poppy Red, Monaco Blue, and Greyed Jade.

Nabru has ensured that their sofas are easily assembled, which is confirmed by the great customer feedback received. Standard sofa types are typically put together in an hour, but it has been achieved by practically-minded people in just 30 minutes. However, there is a helpful video on the company website, in case of difficulty.

Featured here is the Arc 2×2 Corner Sofa in Poppy Red fabric. The small footprint of this sofa makes it ideal for fitting into a tight corner.

  • Height 86 X Width (197×197) X Depth 96cm, Seat Height 47cm, Seat Depth 58cm. Priced at £535.
  • Other pricing illustrations include:
  • Ula 2×2 corner sofa, armless £473.
  • Lear 4×4 double sofa bed, armless £855.

Visit the website for more information and to view Nabru’s ranges of design your own sofas.

Tel:   (070) 220 2454

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