Christopher Guy – 2010 Trend Forecast

 Christopher Guy – 2010 Trend Forecast  After a year of careful consumption and toned-down luxury in 2009, Christopher Guy predicts a more confident year in 2010.

Sophisticated style is emerging, taking inspiration from everything from Alice in Wonderland to candy colours and Middle Eastern influences; this is evident in the trend for a touch of the fantastical, pastel shades, sumptuous fabrics and the intricate detailing we’re seeing.

Through the Looking Glass
With the launch of Tim Burton’s recreation of the film‘Alice in Wonderland’ in March 2010, furniture design is playing with oversized and whimsical creations.

This is reflected in bright colours, chairs that envelop us and that are big enough to seat two, along with large dramatic mirrors.

The ordinary is cast-out as we enter the surreal and break away from reality, with unconventional shapes and oversized proportions, something which Christopher Guy is renowned for.

Featured here is the Christopher Guy ‘Love Seat’ priced from £5,304.00 inc VAT, also available in a wide selection of fabrics, colours and finishes. Measures: W184 x D107 x H192 cm.

Arabian Nights
After the Maharaja trend in 2009, the strong geometric patterns of Arabian architecture and design are coming through with the rich culture of the Middle-East influencing design.

Thoroughbred Stud
Studs have transcended from the fashion catwalk onto the interiors platform. Metallic stud detailing combined with tweed and taupe fabrics celebrates a throwback to British-style.
The studded upholstered furniture adds a luxe element seen in
particular on inviting armchairs and also elegant dining chairs.

Purple, in all spectrums including violet, indigo, iris, lavender and plum
continues to be on-trend in 2010.

The darker regal hues deliver a real wow-factor adding colour and warmth whilst the paler shades such as lavender are softer and more feminine; both palettes create a unique eye-catching style.

Christopher Guy’s multitude of original designs are all hand-carved and available in a wide selection of hand finishes, with a myriad of upholstery fabric and colour choices.

All of the fabulous designs can be viewed on their extensive interactive website.

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