Room For Another?

 Room For Another? With cohabitation the big new living trend, Raft adopts an anti-clutter approach – you can make the most of your available space, by using it cleverly with practical space saving pieces.

RAFT’s latest seating and storage designs provide an imminently affordable, and wonderfully practical solution to space efficiency, without compromising on design.

The new Sienna storage screen from RAFT pictured here, is the cheat’s solution to de-cluttering living spaces.

  • Four sliding wooden box units give this piece a vintage feel, while the open cubby-holes allow you to display favourite collectibles and accessories.
  • The sliding door options allow for this piece to double up as a partition screen.
  • The teak is reclaimed and carries both FSC accreditation, 100% in keeping with RAFT’s passion for authenticity and sustainability.
    Measures: 115cm x 45cm x 200cm. Priced at £920.

The new Lincoln (£940) and Embassy Chairs (£1175), provide mini break-out zones within bustling homes, combining modern functionality with traditional upholstery.

  • With over 57 different upholstery weights and textures to choose from, this can be your personalised sanctuary; these are also produced in the UK further supporting our manufacturing base.

RAFT picks up on the transitory nature of modern living, providing versatile, comfortable and movable furniture to suit busy households; their current philosophy is all about economizing on space, without compromising on style.

All of RAFT’s furniture is made to order, so allow 10-14 weeks for delivery on standard items.

To View the furniture ranges visit the RAFT website.
Tel: (020) 8450 5078

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