New IKEA Chairs For Indoor Or Outdoor Relaxation

New IKEA Chairs For Indoor Or Outdoor Relaxation  As well as getting pleasure from their historical Swedish traditions, Easter also provides a chance for Swedish families to get together over a Smörgåsbord feast to welcome in the warmth of Spring.

So, if you’re planning to spend the Easter holiday relaxing in the Spring sunshine, or at home with your family, these IKEA chairs designed for both indoor and outdoor use would be ideal…

The VÄRMDÖ Is a clean and simple rocking chair.
”It rocked right away,” says designer Nike Karlsson about the new VÄRMDÖ rocking chair. “Some furniture is perfect from the design, right through to the production, that’s how it was with VÄRMDÖ”.

  • VÄRMDÖ is designed for indoor and outdoor use:
  • Made of pine, the slats on its horizontal surfaces (like seats and armrests) are cut with a technique that positions the annual growth rings vertically instead of horizontally. This makes the wood more durable and decreases surface cracks.
  • The chair is also pre-treated with three layers of water based glazing paint, giving the surface extra protection so that it will take longer before re-glazing treatment is needed”.
  • VÄRMDÖ Rocking chair in black or red. Priced at £99.
  • HÃ…LLÖ Cushion, is striped and available in assorted colours, £12.

Also available is the The HÖGSTEN furniture series:

  • A chair, easy chair and footstool – invite you to relax.
  • Again designed so that all are low maintenance and space saving.
  • Made from hand-woven, durable plastic rattan, HÖGSTEN has the same appearance as natural rattan, which cleans easily using a soft, damp cloth with mild soap. It also withstands rain, snow and low or high temperatures.
  • For space-saving storage, simply turn and slide the footstool underneath the easy chair.
  • HÖGSTEN easy chair is £79. HÖGSTEN footstool at £25.

You may even enjoy relaxing in HÖGSTEN so much that you decide to use it inside your home too.

For more choices of exclusive IKEA outdoor furniture, please visit the website.

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