Autumn – A Time For Bright And Cosy Interiors

 Autumn – A Time For Bright And Cosy Interiors Soon we will all be spending more time indoors as Autumn slowly approaches and the evenings become darker and more chilly, which may be a good time to update and add some bright and cosy colours to our home.

The bedroom might be an ideal place to start, by considering at IKEA’s latest brilliant textiles range:

New to IKEA this August is the EVIOR collection. Designed by Kajsa Aronsson; the textile range features original designs with a sense of humour, place and culture, which is seen in the EIVOR LEVA, quilt cover and pillowcases.

Below Kajsa talks about her inspiration behind the design pattern of the EIVOR LEVA bed linen. As part of the EIVOR line launching this August, Kajsa has also designed a quilt cushions and curtains.

“Sometimes I use the texts in the patterns and sometimes I keep it for myself and make the designs more as a picture of my ‘hidden’ story, I think that EIVOR LEVA is very much an image of my own life, with associations and threads to memories, people and events that I like and love.

The images of people, lamp posts, buses, plants, scooters, buildings—they are the reality I experience and see in the district of Södermalm, Stockholm, where I live and work.

I really like to sit and look out: small birds that I’m feeding, the water with sailing boats and kayaks during summertime and skaters and skiers during the winter, people walking with their dogs, etc.

One image in the pattern I particularly like, is the line of people queuing for the bus. I think that’s kind of a view of everyday life.”

To view IKEA’s stimulating new EVIOR textile range, please visit the website.

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