Montana Inspires Interior Design For Offices And Homes

Montana, the Danish furniture company has encouraged the creation of a meaningful crossover between the office and home at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013.

This can be achieved by means of Montana shelving modules in 42 basic units, plus chairs and tables, in colours that can be combined in any mixture of your choice.

The Montana palette of colours peach, fjord, tokyo yellow and lemon drop, unite the different environments.

The subtle colours portray themselves elegantly and refreshingly:

  • In offices they relax and challenge the usual colours.
  • In homes, the tokyo yellow colour, tends to draw attention to Montana’s dynamic shelving system and focuses attention on the adaptable potential for interior design with this scheme.

Position the shelves and dividers to suit your needs and the modules can be used either alone, or as united modules of two, three, four or more, to create a separate book shelf.

Alternatively, if you prefer a closed module for storage, the smart handle-less fronts provide a sleek, smooth finish with a distinctive character, using the lemon drop and peach colours.

Tables and chairs.

The MP mini tables in Montana’s colours are offered in 3 different designs in a variety of sizes.

They are ideal in the home as sideboards, occasional tables or small dining tables.

For offices they are appropriate for reception areas, lounge settings, or meeting rooms.

The Tivoli chair comes in five different sorts, making it multi-flexible in a palette of spectacular or reserved colours and suitable for both businesses and homes.

Visit the website to be inspired by’s range of flexible shelving, tables and chairs.

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