Cooking With Friends is Fun

 Cooking With Friends is Fun A Cole Henley Barbecue Table brings together food, friends and fire, to provide an ideal dining situation for casual lunches and long summer evenings.

The Cole Henley Barbecue Table combines the best of British craftsmanship and engineering. offering a very simple and smart way to eat and entertain.

  • Made from iroko wood and brushed steel, the table is available in a choice of a six or eight seater with a central gas-fired barbecue, which allows all present to cook food to their own taste on separately controlled grills.
  • Very little smoke is created while cooking, yet long after the meal is over, there is still enough heat for everyone to relax and enjoy the warmth.
  • Featured here is the 6 Seater Cole Henley Barbecue Table.
  • Also available is a range of accessories, such as table sets and iroko wood grill covers, to enable the grill area to be used as a surface for drinks and tapas.
  • Prices start from £2,600 + VAT for a 6 Seater and £3,100 + VAT for the 8 Seater option.

Lifelong friends Anthony Groves and Justin Hoon, launched Cole Henley in 2007, with the fresh idea that cooking with friends is fun.
Cole Henley provide an exceptional delivery service, which includes their team siting and assembling the table, then giving a tutorial on how to use and maintain it.

For further information about the Cole Henley barbecue table and to see views of it in use, please visit the website.

Tel: (01256) 896 560 for stockist enquiries.

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