G Plan Cabinets Advises On Protecting Your Furniture

 G Plan Cabinets Advises On Protecting Your Furniture G Plan Cabinets, one of the best known brands in British furniture, recommend that you care for your quality wood-crafted furniture from the possibly damaging rays of the sun, in order to maintain its good looks.

Says MD George McGraw: “Strong sunlight can wreak terrible damage on cabinet furniture – whether it’s dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, display cabinets or wardrobes.

“Constant exposure damages furniture by gradually weakening any protective polishes and fading the wood. Over time UV light will bleach the colour from it, beginning with magentas and deep reds and working its way through the spectrum.

“Strong sunlight may also dry the wood out and ultimately cause cracks and ‘bubbling’ which, if not treated in time, can ruin prized pieces.”

G Plan recommends the following action to avoid sun damage to your furniture:

Re-arrange furniture to keep it away from direct sunlight.

Where sunlight is unavoidable, place table cloths over the surface of affected pieces. Another simple solution may be to part draw a curtain to block out the sunlight.

Frequently move display items around to prevent ‘patching’ and extend dining room tables to even out any fading. Tables should also be rotated regularly to ensure all round mellowing of colour; ideally, change room layouts on a regular basis, to ensure no one piece is exposed to the sun more than any other.

Solar films or blinds can be fitted to windows to block out damaging rays. Externally, awnings can help throw shade across a room.

While lacquers offer some protection from the sun, they are not a permanent solution and furniture will need treating at the first sign of sun damage.

If bleaching does occur, get a reputable French polisher in to strip the colour back to its original, natural shade and then completely recoat it. Both solid wood and veneered furniture can be treated in this way.

Said George: “Prevention is always better than a cure, so looking after furniture now is a great way to save money in the long run.”

G Plan Cabinets is a leading maker of quality British furniture and produces a wide range of classically styled living, dining and bedroom cabinet pieces, in a selection of solid and real wood veneer finishes.

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