A Varier Chair Designed For Life Around The Table

The Actulum Chair Is Designed For Life Around The TableThe table is the centre of many activities in the home including work, study, playing games and generally spending time with others.

The novel Actulum chair from Varier is designed to enable you to move freely whilst sitting and at the same time it stimulates dynamic and active sitting, which in turn promotes a feeling of well-being.

The backrest has a flexible joint to increase comfort when leaning backwards.
Active sitting is encouraged as the chair responds to the body’s movements, providing support for arms and elbows while following your body from leaning backwards to forwards; it also has wooden runners, which cause you to balance while sitting and can provide support for the feet.

Seat and back cushions are detachable, washable and easily changed.

The wood used by Varier is cultivated and generally beech. Products may come untreated but are usually varnished, wood stained or oiled; a seven-year warranty is offered on all wooden components.
Varier offer a selection of high quality fabrics, which consist of natural materials such as wool, cotton and quality leather in a variety of colours.

Retail prices start from £389.00.

Web: http://www.varierfurniture.com
Tel:   (0845) 603 7074

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