Naturalmat’s Charming Eco Friendly Willow Crib

Naturalmat's Willow Crib

Naturalmat’s Willow Crib

Naturalmat’s beautiful handcrafted Willow Crib is the definitive choice, for providing an eco-friendly and safe place for your newborn babe to sleep.

Moses baskets supply a lightweight, secure and cosy natural world for your baby…

The Willow Crib is ageless in design and crafted using renewable willow crops and long-established basket weaving skills.

Finished with deluxe leather handles to enable you to move baby effortlessly from place to place.

This crib is more robust and larger than the usual Moses basket, to ensure that it will endure much more ware and tear, to enable it to be used again and again, by generations to come.

The elegant pine folding leather stand, allows the Willow Crib to be positioned next to Mum’s bed at a handy height.

The crib is ideal for your newborn babe up to 6 months old and is available with the award winning non-allergenic Coco Mat mattress.

The mattress is made from organic lambs wool and coir from the coconut husk and covered with unbleached cotton.

The natural fibres of the The Coco Mat not only permit the mattress to self ventilate and ‘breathe’, but also the flexibility of the coir provides a supportive natural springy mattress.

The exceptional temperature controlling properties of the organic lambs wool, keep baby cool and also provides insulation to retain warmth.

The Coco Mat is also non-allergenic to provide safety from dust mites.


  • Crib and Coco Mat: £215.00.
  • Crib and Coco Mat plus Stand: £275.00.
  • Criband Coco Mat, plus Stand and Bumper: £332.00.

Crib measures: Length 84cm x Width 48cm x Height 53.

Size of mattress: 84cm x 48cm.

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