The Latest Wine Cooler Range From Bosch

The Latest Wine Cooler Range From BoschWine coolers can be the perfect equipment for Christmas Festivities.

There are two types of product in this market; the first is the single zone wine cooler, the Bosch wine coolers fall into this category.

The wine cooler is set to a certain temperature, however due to the air circulation within the appliance, the air in the top section is warmer, ideal for storing red wine, the coldest part is the bottom, where white wine and sparkling wine can be stored.

The other type of wine cooler is a dual zone, which is more for wine connoisseurs, where different temperatures can be set in the two zones.

Featured here is:
The stylish Bosch aluminium wine cooler with a 120 bottle capacity, 9 wooden shelves, variable temperature control from 6-18 degrees and an anti-UV light smoked glass door.

  • B rated low energy model.
    193kWh/year energy consumption.
    38dB noise level.
    Wood shelf.

Also available is;

  • The Bosch 43 bottle capacity Wine cooler.
    4 wooden shelves (3 are height adjustable).
    Temperature adjustable from 6°C to 18°C.
    Interior light
    External electronic control.
    Anti-UV light smoked glass door.

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