Spiral Cellars Are Ideal For Storing All Your Christmas Goodies.

Space in the kitchen can be an ongoing problem during the year, but with the additional demand for space needed for large amounts of Christmas food and veg, it can prove extremely difficult to store it all.

However, a dual-purpose Spiral Cellar could provide the answer:

It offers perfect conditions for a food store, saves space, no running costs and provides enormous capacity, making it ideal for storing lots of food items, such as brief storage of dairy and veg to tins, cakes and preserves, plus your wine collection.

Spiral cellars are often located in kitchen-diners, providing not only a double purpose storage solution, but also works as a remarkable feature for the room, providing the ultimate party attraction for entertaining at Christmas.

But since it is constructed under the floor of the home and just uses the earth’s elements and an inactive ventilation system to operate, it becomes an extremely practical addition for the home.

The Spiral Cellar temperature is controlled by the temperature in the ground and differs annually between 8 – 18°C.


The Original Spiral Cellar has 5 depth options and holds up to a maximum of 1,600 bottles.

White Spiral Cellar in brilliant white concrete, includes larger bins in every one of its layers to hold up to 1,870 bottles.

The Spiral Cellar is without doubt, the most effective built in dual-purpose food and wine storage solution available. Can be fitted in up to 8 days.

Priced from £11,025 + VAT for the Original 2m Spiral Cellar.

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