Diva “Music For Your Ears, Light For Your Eyes”

Diva “Music For Your Ears, Light For Your Eyes”  The innovative Diva is so much more than a lamp – it personifies the integration of sight and sound in a single object.

Diva is an LED light and music system specifically designed for your iPod or iPhone; it combines multiple functions in one compact object, eliminating clutter and stealing the scene.
The anodised, screen printed aluminium jacket makes Diva a mysterious musical instrument, only revealing its many functions when open. But even when closed, it’s an FM radio and speaker system for a connected computer, MP3 or CD player.

  • Insert your iPod or iPhone, by releasing the retractable docking station drawer. The sound quality is full and rich, thanks to the four, high quality speakers housed in the body.
  • Pressing a button opens the die-cast aluminium lamp arm; raise this to whatever position is most comfortable to read, or to light your workstation.
  • The lamp’s cutting edge LED light is warm, highly effective and energy efficient at 4,5W.
  • A digital screen is hidden behind the anodised aluminium, to show the time and all the other information about Diva’s various uses and FM stations.
  • An infrared remote control governs every function, including your iPod and the radio.
  • The back of Diva comes with an AUX socket for playing music from MP3 players, CD players, computers, etc.; a USB socket to play music from a flash drive; an audio-out socket to connect to external speakers.

All these functions allow you to integrate Diva into your technological life – a new way to listen and see – multifunctional, multi-sensory technology.

Materials – Polycarbonate injection moulded plastic parts, anodised screen printed aluminium jackets.

  • Silver Anodized Aluminium.
  • Dark Gray Anodized Aluminium.
  • White Painted Aluminium.

Diva has a Recommended Retail Price of £360.

Designed by Dante Donegani & Giovanni Lauda for Italian manufacturer Rotaliana.

Available in the UK from the Design Conscious website.
Tel : (01282) 455330

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