Marmitek Introduces The Invisible IR Control 10 XTRA

Marmitek has introduced their new IR Control 10 XTRA that connects to your TV to enable you to place the A/V equipment inside the cabinet/TV stand, without messy cables and you can still control it even when the front door is closed.

Why is this solution unique

Marmitek offers various solutions for operating A/V equipment that are hidden from sight, so what’s different about this specific solution?

The  IR Control 10 XTRA  is an easily installed infra-red extender, which features 2 IR blasters rather than IR LEDs and locating them doesn’t require extreme accuracy.

The IR Blasters can be located in any position in your cabinet, ie. One for each cabinet section or compartment and the IR signal will naturally make contact with the A/V equipment.

As the IR receiver is only the size of a pen cap, this makes it the most hidden solution ever.

Pricing and availability

The fully equipped IR Control 10 XTRA  is now available, priced at £99.27 (€ 119.95).

For more information and to view Marmitek’s varied solutions for controlling A/V equipment, visit their website, where you will also find details of stockists.

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