Aquavision Introduces Larger Waterproof Frameless Televisions

Aquavision instigators of Waterproof and In Wall televisions have launched two bigger sizes to the Frameless range, which can be fitted inside a shower enclosure or over the bath.

The original two frameless, waterproof TVs the 26″ and 19″ models were launched in 2010.

The newly introduced sizes – 32″ and 40″LED TVs, are more likely to be set up in other rooms such as, living rooms or bedrooms, where a flat design is required, to ensure the television is even with the wall.

  • All of the frameless televisions are offered in standard television or audio visual high-end type and have heated screens to stop misting-up, plus DVB-T, 2 x inputs for HDMI, IR in/out links and Scart inputs.
  • A-type televisions also include audio output and RS232 connection for integrating a home network .
  • The whole range is to be had in polar white, black, or MirrorVision, which when the TV is turned off, the glass provides a mirror suitable for make-up or shaving. When the TV is turned on, the television screen replaces the mirror.
  • The Aquavision televisions all have a waterproof remote control and speakers. There is a two year warranty as standard.

Prices start at £948.53 + VAT.

For further information on Aquavision’s new Waterproof Frameless Televisions, visit the website.


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