Affordable Smart TV Launched In UK By Kogan Direct

Kogan Smart TVKogan the direct to consumer producer and retailer has launched the Agora 32” Smart LED TV in the UK, making access to the web on big screen TV more affordable than before.

The Kogan Agora Smart LED TV is power driven by Android 4.0 (ICS) and offers features normally seen on smartphones and tablets.

  • For only £259, the Agora Smart TV enables users to browse the Internet, connect to YouTube, power Android games and apps, follow social media effortlessly and lots more. It’s sure to transform the way Brits relate to their TV set.
  • There is also an integral PVR function to rewind, record and pause live TV; Three USB inputs for photo playback and playing movies; ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity, plus HDMI inputs.

Kogan have created a Smart TV that offers loads of Internet capability at a very reasonable price and since they manufacture design and ship the products themselves, they can cut out the middlemen and give the savings to UK consumers.

The Kogan Agora Smart 32″ LED TV is obtainable exclusively from Kogan direct, priced at £259 with free shipping.

For further information about Kogan’s Smart 32″ LED TV, go the website.

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