The New Wireless TV Sender (SV1730) From One For All

One For All's new Wireless TV and Audio Sender

Do you wish you could supply audio and video around your home, enabling you to receive them on a TV set in a different room – without having to buy another receiver, or put up with messy cabling?

One For All’s new Wireless TV Sender, provides an ideal solution at an affordable price.

In addition the original or a secondary remote control will work in the other room, via the infra-red ‘return path’ enabling you to record, pause and rewind as usual – without having to go to the main television set.

The TV sender includes ‘Zero interference’ 5.8Ghz facility, which makes sure you obtain a clear image with first-rate sound quality.

The majority of digital and analogue devices, for example, WiFi, Baby Monitors and Bluetooth, use the busy 2.4Ghz frequency, making them probable interference sources.

The 5.8Ghz, however is used less, which means that similar RF technology can be employed without the profound interference experienced by appliances using 2.4Ghz. In the event that you already have a 5.8Ghz domestic device like a broadband router, four separate channels are available to permit best possible reception.

With a range of around 100 metres*, the Wireless TV Sender relays sound and images to TVs, hifi systems and monitors, through ceilings and walls and enables you to view satellite/cable on a moveable TV on the patio, or even in your shed!

  • The sender is compatible with all Freeview, Satellite and Cable set-top boxes and includes DVD players, Blu-ray, PVRs and Games Consoles.
  • Using Quad patch technology, the antenna delivers high performance and provides the optimum angle for reception by turning through 180 degrees.
  • The plug and play arrangement allows you to set up right away, enabling you to distribute your TV subscription channels and video recordings to your chosen TV set.
  • The set includes the transmitter with receiver, an infra-red ‘eye’, 2 RCA – SCART cables and 2 power adaptors. Priced at £59.99. RRP.

The One For All Wireless TV Sender is now available from PC World, Currys, Sainsbury, Tesco, ASDA and Amazon UK.

For further information about One for All’s New Wireless TV Sender (SV1730), please visit the website.

* Range is a hundred metres ‘line of sight’. Range may decrease through ceilings and walls.

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