One For All’s New INFINITY Universal Remote Control

Infinity Universal remote controlOne For All has introduced INFINITY its latest universal remote control, which includes a SmartScreen to simplify every command by highlighting only the keys that you really need.

The One For All INFINITY is the only universal remote that has a SmartScreen – a ground-breaking user interface, which adapts to the action you wish to control.

The control comes in jet black with classy silver detailing, or a striking snowy white.

The keys you require are lit up on the 5.6” electro-luminescent panel, which is fingerprint-proof and provides a clear contrast with sharp icons and colours to form sets of keys – all of which make each command easy.

It is also shock resistant and gives a clear click feedback, so that every time you know precisely where to press.

Press TV and it repeatedly groups the most generally used functions for controlling the TV together, so that it’s much simpler to use compared to multi-button remote controllers.

3 Smart Control modes are available: Watch Movie, Watch TV, and Music.

Just flip the remote right, which makes it light the keys that control your set-top box, rather than your TV.

When you’re off to bed, just turn it on its front and the INFINITY controller turns all of your devices off with no need to press anything at all.

Infinity WhiteINFINITY can operate up to six separate devices including Satellite and Cable receivers, the most up-to-date HD TVs, theatre equipment such as Blu-Ray and DVD players and consoles like Apple TV, XBOX360, and audio docks for iPods.

The new INFINITY remote is attuned to over 6,000 brands of 300,000 home-entertainment devices.

The remote is pre-programmed for the most common brands and is easily set up in about a minute.

The INFINITY remote will be appreciated by everyone who wishes to simplify controlling their ever increasing collection of complicated home entertainment equipment. Priced at £89.99.

The One For All INFINITY controllers will be obtainable from Curry’s, Amazon uk, as well as online from One For all.

Visit the website for more information about the versatile One For All INFINITY remote control.

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