Monitor Audio’s Innovative Ultra-Thin Shadow Range Of Speakers.

The Shadow Range Of Speakers.

Monitor Audio’s novel new ultra-thin Shadow range of wall mounted speakers are an ideal match for use with flat TVs.

They are designed to bring together the need for really discreet installation around the home, with the need for dynamic full-frequency sound.

The four Shadow models have been produced to work in pairs for music, or home theatre, when any number can be combined in acoustically matched surround systems.

At just 40mm in depth, they will combine the slim profile of flat TV displays, to achieve an amazing unity of wafer-thin design and life-like sound – complete with the natural dynamism and wideband response you’d expect from larger, more prominent speakers.

Four models:
The diminutive S25 rear channel speaker, the LCR-type S50, the longer S60 (for 50”+ displays), and the dedicated Shadow Centre, utilise new low-profile drivers, which offer higher power handling and a wider frequency response than similarly sized conventional designs.

In addition, the three larger Shadow models feature passive 4” Auxiliary Bass Radiators (ABRs), made of aluminium and tuned to provide improved upper bass definition.

Each matt black Shadow speaker is constructed from a single piece of aluminium – precision machined to provide rigidity and naturally low resonance – and is easy-to-install in solid or stud wall using two direct-to-wall flush fixings.

The speakers feature ‘invisible’ cable entry and connection, and removable magnetic grilles and end trims, which conceal fixings and terminals.

Monitor Audio’s new Shadow range brilliantly cools the friction between the desire for discreet style and the need for explosive wideband dynamics from Blu-ray and other HD audio sources.

Approx prices inc. VAT: S25 £500pr; S50 £800pr; S60 £900pr; Shadow Centre £450ea.

For further information on Monitor Audio’s novel new ultra-thin Shadow range of wall mounted speakers, please visit the website.

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