Marmitek’s New BoomBoom 230 Bluetooth Speaker

Marmitek's New BoomBoom 230 Bluetooth Speaker

Marmitek has a range of Bluetooth products in its ‘Listen Anywhere’ collection that allow you to enjoy the music on your Smartphone (or tablet, laptop or MP3 player; (in fact, all of your mobile music) with superior sound quality.

This also includes music that you can listen to via your telephone or PC such as internet radio, YouTube and online music services, such as Spotify, Deezer, Grooveshark, Rara, Tomahawk,, Jango, Seesu,

The BoomBoom 75 Bluetooth music receiver enables you to enjoy this music at home, via your own quality HiFi system and your own speakers.

The BoomBoom 150 and 152 Bluetooth speakers is the mobile version that can be taken with you anywhere. For a picnic in the park, or while you’re sunbathing in the garden. The speakers can even supply a musical environment while you’re on holiday.

The new BoomBoom 230 Bluetooth speaker has now been introduced by Marmitek:

  • This works on 230V, weighs almost 1kg and is designed for a fixed installation. For example, enjoying the music listed above in your bedroom, home office, study, kitchen or garage.
  • The speaker can be connected wirelessly to an iPad/iPhone/iPod touch and all other tablet PCs, Smartphones and MP3 players with stereo Bluetooth.
  • This enables you to control your music from the comfort of your armchair. The specially designed wooden sound box provides a full stereo sound, while the bass port eliminates the need for a subwoofer.
  • The BoomBoom 230 Bluetooth stereo speaker is priced at € 58.95. (around £47.52)

For further information about Marmitek’s versatile range of Boom Boom Bluetooth speakers and sales addresses, please visit the website.

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